The many problems and issues of this world are not always a pretty sight- how will it affect me?

    Maybe you wonder, "What am I really doing in my life"?  Does it matter what I have accomplished when the end of my life comes? What will happen to me when I leave this world?  Where am I going, or am I going anywhere?

     These kinds of questions and others have been on the minds of everyone who has walked this earth.

     Who really cares?  The greatest caregiver is God alone. He is the single most powerful being in the universe, obviously so, because He created the entire natural world- all that we see, and even what we can't see.

     God is not distant. He did not just make His creation, sit back and let it run wherever it might go.  Instead, He watches over His creation and especially mankind, who is made in three parts like Him, a body, a soul and a spirit- no other creature is made in such a way.  He has reached out to us, His creation. He has not left us, but we have left Him and drifted far away.  In spite of our separation, He is vitally concerned about our well-being, both in this life and in the one to come.  He is available for all those who cry out to Him. God cares about you.